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DriLite Low Profile Air Mover 1/4HP 850CFM

DriLite Low Profile Air Mover 1/4HP 850CFM

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DriLite Low Profile Air Mover

Ensure your carpet is dry after cleaning or getting some work done with the DriLite low profile carpet dryer. It's designed to bring more drying power to a job site, being stackable and exceptionally portable. The carpet dryer features 1/4 HP and can be used for home or retail use, especially after plumbing and water damage. The floor drying fan has a variety of features, such as variable speed control to best adjust to your needs as well as concentrated airflow that comes from its aerodynamic design. Your wet surfaces will be gone with the DriLite low profile carpet dryer.

Product Details:

● Injection molded technology is a durable and deeply molded interlocking housing design

● Carpet dryer has the ability to be stacked securely to as high as 6 units

● Two speeds allows full adjustment and control of airflow

● GFCI daisy chain feature connects multiple units utilizing only 1 single wall power outlet

● Concentrated airflow comes from an aerodynamic design

● Provides broader, faster and more consistent drying across wet surfaces

● Built-in kickstand enables multiple drying positions for carpets, floors, walls, stairs and ceilings

● Available in customized colours (MOQ applies)


Voltage: 115V/60Hz

Power: 1/4 HP

Power Cord: #14-3, GFCI

Speed: 2

Air Volume: 850CFM

RPM: 1600RPM

Measurements: 21.7 * 17.1 * 9.1 (inches)

Weight: 20.9lbs


  • flood and smoke damage
  • mold & mildew remediation
  • remodeling & construction
  • residential, industrial, education, commercial and institutional settings. 


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